Middlesex Batch Numbers
Compiled by Simon J. Fisher-Copyright ©2001-2005
Middlesex Bethnal Green Cambridge Road Independent B.No. 096431
Middlesex Bethnal Green St. Andrew B.No. 037601-2
Middlesex Bethnal Green St. Mathew B.No. 046981-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 133031-2
Middlesex Chelsea College Street Catholic Apostolic & Irvingite B.No. 096611
Middlesex Chelsea Cookís Grounds Independent B.No. 096581
Middlesex Chelsea Pensioners Army Hospital B.No. 055991
Middlesex Chelsea Calvinistic Methodist B.No. 096601
Middlesex Chelsea Sloane terrace Wesleyan B.No. 096591
Middlesex Chelsea St. Luke B.No. 067051-2-3-4
Middlesex Finsbury Charterhouse Chapel Not Indexed
Middlesex Finsbury City Road Chapel Wesleyan B.No. 096631
Middlesex Finsbury City Tabernacle Independent B.No. 096621
Middlesex Finsbury St. Luke Old Street B.No. 020691-2-3-4-5-6
Middlesex Finsbury St. Luke Tabernacle Independent B.No. 037161
Middlesex Finsbury St. Lukeís Great Mitchell Street Baptist B.No. 098161
Middlesex Finsbury St. Paul Clerkenwell B.No. 133841
Middlesex Finsbury St. Paulís Bunhill Row B.No. 042061
Middlesex Finsbury St. Thomas Charterhouse B.No. 042071-2
Middlesex Hackney Kingsland Independent B.No. 096961
Middlesex Hackney Old gravel Pit Independent B.No. 097071
Middlesex Hackney Pleasant Place Wesleyan B.No. 097101
Middlesex Hackney St. John B. No. 042151-2
Middlesex Hackney St. Thomasís Square Independent B.No. 097081
Middlesex Hammersmith Ebenezer Independent B.No. 068911
Middlesex Hammersmith George Yard Chapel Broadway (formerly) White Horse Chapel B.No. 068921
Middlesex Hammersmith Roman Catholic Church B.No. 015931
Middlesex Hammersmith Waterloo street Wesleyan C 068931
Middlesex Hammersmith Westland Trinity Baptist B.No. 099231
Middlesex Hampstead Workhouse B.No. 021541
Middlesex Holborn Brownlow Street & Dudley Court Swedenborgian B.No. 096521
Middlesex Holborn Cross Street Hatton Garden New Jerusalemite B.No. 097121 & 097131
Middlesex Holborn Eagle Street Red Lion Square Baptist B.No. 098101
Middlesex Holborn Holy Trinity Kingsway B.No. 042211
Middlesex Holborn Kepple Street / Russell Square Baptist B.No. 098131
Middlesex Holborn Leather Lane Trinity Chapel Independent B.No. 097341
Middlesex Holborn Lying in Hospital Endell Street B.No. 055241-2
Middlesex Holborn St. Andrew B.No. 010511-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 020831-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 025561
Middlesex Holborn St. Giles & St. George Workhouse B.No. 021551
Middlesex Hoxton St. Aske Hospital B.No. 019041
Middlesex Islington Balls Pond Road Maberley Chapel Independent B.No. 097251
Middlesex Islington Barnsbury Independent B.No. 097211
Middlesex Islington Duncan Street Irvingite B.No. 097271
Middlesex Islington Highbury Park Presbyterian B.No. 018721
Middlesex Islington Liverpool Road Wesleyan B.No. 097261
Middlesex Islington Lower Street Independent B.No. 097241
Middlesex Islington River Terrace Scotch Presbyterian B.No. 018741
Middlesex Islington St. Barnabas B.No. 042271
Middlesex Islington Union Independent B.No. 097221
Middlesex Islington Upper Street Independent B.No. 097231
Middlesex Islington Upper Street Presbyterian Church B.No. 018741
Middlesex Kensington Horton Street Independent B.No. 068971
    St. Mary Abbots C 001351 & M 001351
Middlesex Notting Hill St. Mark B.No. 100341
Middlesex Paddington Harrow Road Catholic Apostolic B.No. 097111
Middlesex Paddington St. James B.No. 079031ó2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 133431-2
Middlesex Paddington Holy Trinity Not Indexed
Middlesex Poplar Hale Street Wesleyan B.No. 097851
Middlesex Poplar   B.No. 151071
Middlesex Poplar Mill Wall Independent B.No. 097641
Middlesex Poplar Union Chapel Bow Lane Calvinistic Methodist B.No. 097631
Middlesex Poplar Union Workhouse B.No. 020071
Middlesex Shoreditch Cumberland Street Curtain Road Calvinistic Independent B.No. 097811
Middlesex Shoreditch Ebenezer Old Street Road Bible Christian B.No. 097401
Middlesex Shoreditch Gloucester Chapel B.No. 097821
Middlesex Shoreditch Holywell Mount Independent B.No. 097801
Middlesex Shoreditch Shoreditch Workhouse B.No. 015591P2149-1
Middlesex Shoreditch St. John the Baptist B.No. 040371-2
Middlesex Shoreditch St. Leonardís Workhouse B.No. 021491
Middlesex Shoreditch St. Leonardís B.No. 040801-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 040811
Middlesex St. Marylebone Providence Chapel Titchfield Street & Grayís Inn Lane B.No. 097031
Middlesex St. Marylebone Albany Chapel Frederick Street Regents Park Congregational B.No. 095991
Middlesex St. Marylebone All Souls B.No. 053911-2
Middlesex St. Marylebone Hinde Street Manchester Square Wesleyan B.No. 097141
Middlesex St. Marylebone New Road Paddington Independent B.No. 097541
Middlesex St. Marylebone Newman Street Catholic Apostolic B.No. 097521
Middlesex St. Marylebone Salisbury Street Wesleyan B.No. 097941
Middlesex St. Marylebone St. Andrew B.No. 042561
Middlesex St. Marylebone St. Marylebone Road B.No. 035241-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 053921
Middlesex St. Marylebone St. Thomas B.No. 042571
Middlesex St. Marylebone Titchfield Street Calvinistic Independent B.No. 097971
Middlesex St. Marylebone Wellís Street Scotch Church B.No. 098051
Middlesex St. Marylebone Workhouse Chapel B.No. 042581
Middlesex St. Pancras Founding Hospital B.No. 067701
Middlesex St. Pancras Kings Cross Liverpool Street Wesleyan B.No. 096691
Middlesex St. Pancras New Road Tonbridge Independent B.No. 097531
Middlesex St. Pancras Old Church B. No. 045631-2 &047931-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9
Middlesex St. Pancras Regent Square Scotch Church B.No. 097741
Middlesex St. Pancras St. Peter B.No. 042591-2
Middlesex St. Pancras Soper Lane B.No. 020621-2
Middlesex St. Pancras Tottenham Court Road Independent B.No. 097981
Middlesex St. Pancras Workhouse C 021461
Middlesex Stepney Mile End Oldtown Sion Union Chapel B.No. 041291
Lady Huntingdon Connection
Middlesex Stepney Spitalfields Hope Street Independent B. No. 097161
Middlesex Stepney All Saints B.No. 042671
Middlesex Stepney Bell Lane & Brown Lane & Marche Church B.No. 049161
French Huguenot
Middlesex Stepney Bull Lane Independent B.No. 097881
Middlesex Stepney Goodmanís Field Somerset Street Presbyterian B.No. 097831
Middlesex Stepney Little Prescot Street Baptist B.No. 098151
Middlesex Stepney Mile End Laitmer Chapel Bridge Street†† Independent B.No. 097471
Middlesex Stepney Mulberry Gardens Pell Street Lady Huntingdon B.No. 097591
Middlesex Stepney Parliament Court Old Artillery Ground Irvingite B.No. 096441
Middlesex Stepney St. Dunston B.No. 055761-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 055772-3-4
Middlesex Stepney St. George in the East Beulah Chapel Baptist B.No. 037201
Middlesex Stepney St. George in the East B.No. 055081-2-3
Middlesex Stepney St. Jude Whitechapel B.No. 020031
Middlesex Stepney St. Mary Whitechapel B.No. 006291-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 025301 & 025501 & 025541
Middlesex Stepney St. Peter B.No. 042681
Middlesex Stepney St. Philip the Apostle B.No. 042691
Middlesex Stepney St. Thomas B.No. 067881
Middlesex Stepney St. Vincent Street Scotch Church B.No. 097901
Middlesex Stepney Swanfield French Huguenot B.No. 049181
Middlesex Stepney The Workhouse Not Indexed
Middlesex Stepney St. George East Workhouse Not Indexed
Middlesex Stoke Newington Church Street Independent B.No. 097921
Middlesex Stoke Newington St. Mary B.No. 015581
Middlesex Stoke Newington Oxford Vere Street B.No. 060851
Middlesex Westminster Carre Street & Berwick Street French Huguenot B.No. 049091
Middlesex Westminster Chapelle Royale de St. Jameís French Huguenot B.No. 049201
Middlesex Westminster Craven Chapel Marshall Street Independent B.No. 097451
Middlesex Westminster Crown Court Russel Street Scotch Church B.No. 096681
Middlesex Westminster Crown Street Soho Independent B.No. 096671
Middlesex Westminster Essex Street Strand Presbyterian B.No. 096931
Middlesex Westminster Glasshouse Street & Leicester Fields French Huguenot B.No. 049211
Middlesex Westminster Hungerford Market or Castle Street French Huguenot B.No. 049221
Middlesex Westminster Lisle Street Scotch Presbyterian B.No. 097381
Middlesex Westminster Little Chapel Street Soho Independent B.No. 097391
Middlesex Westminster St. Martin in the Fields Not Indexed
Middlesex Westminster Patente Soho of le Temple French Huguenot B.No. 049231
Middlesex Westminster Peter Street Soho Wesleyan B.No. 097611
Middlesex Westminster Petit Charenton French Huguenot B.No. 049251
Middlesex Westminster Pimlico Palace Street Buckingham Independent B.No. 097621
Middlesex Westminster Portland Street Presbyterian B.No. 097661
Middlesex Westminster Rider Court French Huguenot B.No. 049261
Middlesex Westminster Robert Street Grosvenor Square Independent B.No. 097751
Middlesex Westminster Rochester Row Irvingite B.No. 097761
Middlesex Westminster Somerset House P 12991
Middlesex Westminster Savoye de Spring Gardens and des Grecs French Huguenot B.No. 049271
Middlesex Westminster St. Anne Soho B.No. 062361-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 150511-2-3
Middlesex Westminster St. Clement Danes B.No. 041601-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
Middlesex Westminster St. George Mayfair B.No. 019021
Middlesex Westminster St. James B.No. 147504-5-6-7 & 147511-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 723011-2
Middlesex Westminster St. John Smith Square B.No. 054191
Middlesex Westminster St. John the Evangelist Drury Lane B.No. 055881
Middlesex Westminster St. Luke B.No. 062191
Middlesex Westminster St. Margaret B.No. 001601-2-3
Middlesex Westminster St. Martin in the Fields Workhouse B.No. 021651
Middlesex Westminster St. Martin in the Fields B.No. 001451-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 & 037211-2-3-4-5
Middlesex Westminster St. Mary le Strand B.No. 042891-2
Middlesex Westminster St. Mary Soho B.No. 062201
Middlesex Westminster St. Paul Covent Garden B.No. 001571
Middlesex Westminster St. Thomas Regent Street(Archbishop Tennison Chapel) B.No. 062181
Middlesex Westminster Swallow Street French Huguenot B.No. 049281
Middlesex Westminster Swallow Street Scotch Church B.No. 097961
Middlesex Westminster Tabernacle Milk Alley French Huguenot B.No. 049291
Middlesex Westminster West Street French Huguenot B.No. 049301
Middlesex Westminster Westminster Abbey B.No. 030701